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DT Series VD Series PG Series

How to modify camera's name?

Go to Menu>Camera>OSD>Camera Name;

Modify the name via IE explorer:

(1)Login the device via IE explorer;

(2)Go to Configuration>Image>OSD Settings>Camera Name;

Why is the picture blurry?

(1).If it is the resolution problem,please kindly check whether it is the best resolution

(2).If it is the lens quality problem,please kindly check whether there is any damage in lens,or whether there is fog,dust or other things which block light.

(3).If it failed to focalize,please kindly try to adjust the lens or localize again,if there is no result,please kindly try to adjust the back focus ring.

(4).If it is the first time to install the device please kindly check the lens interface.If it is a lens with C type mounting base,C/CS lens adapter ring should be used.

What is Web Access to NVR or IPC?

When acquiring the NVR or IP Camera IP address, you can enter the IP address above IE browser to access NVR or IP Camera.

Why can’t I open the default IP address via web browser ?

The default IP address may not match your LAN’s IP scheme. Check your

computer’s IP address before accessing the camera. If the IP address does not

match the 192.168.1.x scheme, please install the IP search tool from the download

website to modify the camera’s IP address. Make sure the IP address of the camera

matches the LAN IP scheme. For example, if the your LAN is, then

set the IP camera to and so on. 

What is Network Video Recorder?

A network video recorder (NVR) is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device.

How to get RTSP video stream for PG series?

①Main Stream: rtsp://admin:123456@IP address/stream0

②Sub Stream: rtsp://admin:123456@IP address/stream1

What is the face detection function?

When the NVR sets a face detection function on a channel, when someone gone through the channel, the NVR can capture the person's face picture and alert the owner.

Do solar-powered security cameras work in the winter?

Solar-powered security cameras work in the winter, though they may gather less energy from the sun because the days are shorter. Outdoor security cameras make up for this energy shortage by limiting electrical output to motion sensors that trigger the camera so that the camera is not always on.