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How many PoE cameras can NVRs support?

The number of PoE cameras that NVR can support depends on how many channels there are. Most NVRs for residential use either have eight or 16 channels, which means they support up to eight or 16 cameras, respectively.

Can I use PoE cameras at home?

Although many PoE cameras advertise themselves as business security solutions, PoE is actually a good option for residential use as well.

What type of cable do PoE cameras use?

Older PoE cameras often used Cat5 Ethernet cables, but because modern security cameras have much higher resolutions, we recommend using Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cables. These cables allow for video transmissions at one Gbps or higher. Most PoE cameras, however, already include a suitable Ethernet cable.

What are the advantages of a PoE security camera system?

PoE camera systems have several advantages over hardwired and wireless systems. The most notable benefit of using PoE cameras is the ease of installation. With only one cable providing both power and data transmission, PoE cameras are easy to set up yet just as reliable as hardwired cameras.

What is a Turret Camera?

A turret security camera, also called an eyeball camera, is a small camera with a ball and socket design. It gets its name from the fact that the ball-like camera can pivot in any direction inside its socket mount. This offers a ton of flexibility when it comes to installation, as you can easily aim the turret’s lens anywhere you need to. Since these cameras tend to have a compact form factor, installing turrets is usually fast and easy.

What is AGC on a security camera?

In low-light conditions, some IP security cameras use Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to artificially improve their dynamic rangeand produce usable images. AGC is basically a from of amplification where the camera will automatically boost the image received so that objects can be seen more clearly.