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5 Benefits of Body Temperature Measurement Kiosks

Aug 20, 2022 View: 572

With fever being listed as a primary common symptom associated with the coronavirus, temperature taking has been become the norm at gyms, churches, hospitals, airports and other places people congregate. Businesses, too, have taken measures to do so as a means to protect employees. 

What is a safe, efficient, and reliable way of doing so?

Body temperature screening kiosks truly automate the temperature-taking process. These devices can read temperature in 1 second, and are ultimately designed to provide a safe environment for your employees, customers and visitors.

5 Benefits of Temperature Measurement Kiosks in Protecting Against COVID-19:


Wi-Fi Non-Contact Face Recognition Temperature

1. They're safe and truly contactless.

A "contactless" handheld thermometer, widely used after the initial COVID-19 outbreak, is not truly contact-less. The person taking the temperature must come within a close distance of every employee who enters the office. According to the FDA, "the close distance required to properly take a person's temperature represents a risk of spreading disease between the person using the device and the person being evaluated."

With kiosks, the human to human contact is eliminated completely by simply walking up to the device and getting temperature read via facial recognition.

2. They're convenient.

Tired of manually inputting temperature data day after day? Do one or more of your employees waste an hour or more every morning taking temperatures manually?

With an automated temperature screening kiosk placed at your front door, employees can be scanned, and personnel can be notified immediately of abnormal temperatures, eradicating the threat of a sick employee in the workplace.

3. They help enforce facemask policies.

Face mask policies are the cornerstone of COVID-19 work-related policies.

A survey of HR professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in mid-May found that 86 percent required or planned to require employees to wear face masks at work, and 80 percent of that group planned to provide and pay for them.

Wi-Fi Non-Contact Face Recognition Temperature

Just like any policy - enforcement can be a real pain.

Not only can these kiosks read a temperature with a face mask on. Body Temperature screening kiosks can actually be customized to detect face masks (or lack thereof) and alert that individual to put on a facemask before continuing into the office.

4. They're accurate.

What good is a temperature screening process if it's readings are unreliable?

Ask about margin of error with any device, and consider a marginal measurement error of ±0.2 °C as a general rule of thumb ( body temperature screening kiosks fall within this range). A device should be equipped with a high-resolution thermal camera to produce proper, reliable results.

5. They're easy to manage.

These devices are essentially "plug and play." The kiosks, which run Linux with an android custom shell, are activated as the user approaches. The kiosk reads their temperature and matches their face to the database automatically. The user does not have to touch the device.

Instant email alerts can be sent to selected employees for abnormal temperature readings and/or individuals not wearing a mask.

Amid COVID-19, workplace health and safety starts at the front door. Are you interested in learning more about the temperature screening kiosk, and how it can help automate the process and alleviate enforcement pain? Contact us now to learn more!

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