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  • The 24/7 full-time Color night vision ip camera adopted the full color technology, with advanced lenses, high performance sensors and built-in warm supplemental lighting, providing 24hr colorful image in low illumination condition, even get the live view full color image in darkness.

  • 5MP PoE IP Camera with ultra HD resolution and wide field OF view , can clearly capture high-definition images, extremely fluent and superior clarity of the images give your detail more definition and cover more ground to keep more of what you love safe. Also with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)/ 3D Digital Noise Redection(3D DNR) technology to improve the quality of image and video.

  • The full color camera with H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding, providing high-quality video, and reduces the cost of storage and transmission, while the H.265 greatly saves bandwidth and storage space up to 70% compared with H.264. The camera also support Powered over Ethernet (with Cat 5 & Cat 6 cable), only single Ethernet cable for power and data connection, plug in PoE injector/switch/NVR and the camera will be up and running, simplifies installation, and lowers cabling costs.

  • The 5MP ColorVu IP Camera support Motion detection, enables motion-triggered recording, conserving your storage space without missing important events. Instant email alerts keep you up when you're away, with high resolution snapshots from your camera included. Also with the Built-in Mic for sound recording. 

  • With Wide-compatibility, it featured with Hikvision Private Protocol, this camera is able to Plug & Play with Hikvision NVR. Also it supports On vif protocol to connect with other NVR, such as Dahua, and work with Blur Iris and iSpy. In order to give full play to the functional advantages of the camera, it's recommened to use Hikvision. Remote access via multiple web browsers and Danale APP.

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Color Night Vision Security Camera

24/7 full color technology, zerolight environments are no longer a problem for security. Better lenses, more advanced sensors, and soft supplemental lighting come together to take 24/7 colorful image details, even in total darkness, no more black and white, to a new level

Wide Compatibility

Featured with Hikvision Private Protocol, camera Plug & Play with Hikvision NVR. Supporting O-N V-I-F protocol, it‘s connectable to other NVR, such as Dahua, and work with Blur Iris and iSpy. In order to give full play to the functional advantages of the camera, it's recommened to use Hikvision.

H.265+ Codec Technology

High Efficient encoding technology greatly saves bandwidth resource and storage space. Better encoding algorithm to save more bandwidth and storage.




3D digital noise reduction technology

Providing images with less noise in low-light surveillance scenes compared to conventional cameras. 3D DNR can be used to enhance image quality and save bandwidth.

5MP HD Resolution

Ultra 5MP resolution, up to 25fps, high definitio resolution can see clearer image, smooth video bring you more details.

Motion Detect and Alerts

You can mark out the relevant areas for motion detection to free yourself from false alerts. Whenever motion detection is triggered, you will receive instant APP alarm pushes so that appropriate precautions could be taken.

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