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  • 8MP POE Dome Network Camera ,WITHOUT BRAND LOGO, OEM Model , Support ON-VIF-Compatible with Blue Iris, Synology and etc. 3 Year Warranty and Life-time Tech Support of our TEAM 

  • Ultra HD 4K (8MP) --- 8Megapixel progressive scan CMOS,Effective Pixels 3840(H)x2160(V). The resolution of 4K is more than 4 times that of 1080P, so it is more detailed on picture clarity. Many of the original details in the 1080P picture can be well displayed through the higher 4K resolution, improving the picture quality 

  • Smart H.265+ --- Smart H.265+ is the optimized implementation of the H.265 codec that uses a scene-adaptive encoding strategy, dynamic GOP, dynamic ROI, flexible multi-frame reference structure and intelligent noise reduction to deliver high-quality video without straining the network. Smart H.265+ technology reduces bit rate and storage requirements by up to 70% when compared to standard H.265 video compression 

  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) --- The camera achieves vivid images, even in the most intense contrast lighting conditions, using industry-leading wide dynamic range (WDR) technology. For applications with both bright and low lighting conditions that change quickly, true WDR (120 dB) optimizes both the bright and dark areas of a scene at the same time to provide usable video 

  • Intelligent Video analysis (IVS) --- IVS is a built-in video analytic algorithm that delivers intelligent functions to monitor a scene for trip wire violations, intrusion detection, motion detection, and abandoned or missing objects. A camera with IVS quickly and accurately responds to monitoring events in a specific area 

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UltraHD 4K Turret IP Camera Support most of brands NVR which is compatible with ON-VIF 

The 8MP camera with a real 4k resolution(3840x2160@20fps) gives you a smooth recording footage feeling that you has never experienced before. Smart detection and APP viewing make your life safer and easier, its wide Compatibility 

    Signal System:PAL/NTSC

    Lens:2.8 mm, horizontal field of view 102°

    IR Range:Up to 30m(98ft)

    Max. Image Resolution:3840 × 2160@20fps

    Smart detection: Line crossing detection, Intrusion detection

    Wide Dynamic Range:120 dB


    IP67 weatherprof


    4K UltraHD PoE Camera

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4K Recording with 20fps 

Smart Detection 

Mobile Remote Viewing 


With the 4K video recording technology,you can enjoy magnificent images (3840x2160@20fps ) and experience high-definition smooth recording footage. the resolution of the 4k camera is four times that of the 2k(1080p) , you will be able to see every detail in the picture, each close-up without pixelation . 

Customize the zones of motion detection that you want to record , you can receive intelligent alerts that send notifications directly to your computer or smartphone via the Hik-connect app , you can also creat other smart detection,such as Line crossing detection, Intrusion detection. Be notified anytime your smart home camera goes offline. 

If you want to keep your property safe when you are away from home, or if you want to know the details of your family. You can view, record and playback UltraHD footage directly from your smartphone with the Hik-connect app,phone monitoring makes life easier and safer. 

Smart H.265+ technology reduces bit rate and storage requirements by up to 70% when compared to standard H.265 video compression.More video recordings can be stored on the same capacity hard drive,which avoids losing important storage recordings because of insufficient hard drive capacity 

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