September 26, 2023

Home Monitoring

VIKYLIN Home Security Camera Keeps an eye on your residence,Cover every angle of your large or small home, regardless second house, vacation home, backyard, front porch, garden or outdoor & indoor monitoring for your personal environments. Keep tabs on your home remotely wherever you go, when you are in the office, shopping or travelling.VIKYLIN Smart Security Cameras provide a peace of mind and safety for your home and family.

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Retailing & Service Monitoring

For malls and retail stores, loss prevention plays a key role in effectively maintaining profit margin. Consequently, implementing a retail surveillance system with remote access can be a powerful way to deter theft and catch shoplifting incidents in real-time. Outside of managing inventory, retail security systems can also increase employee productivity and optimize customer shopping experience.

Restaurant camera systems are commonly deployed in the hospitality industry to prevent risk, liability, losses, and operational inefficiencies so that managers can run a more successful and profitable business.

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Intrusion Systems

To help ensure even faster police response times and minimize false alarms, VIKYLIN Security also offers alarm verification solutions. Enhance your intrusion system with audio or video verification, which can enable our monitoring center specialists to co

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Why can’t I open the default IP address via web browser ?

The default IP address may not match your LAN’s IP scheme. Check your computer’s IP address before accessing the camera. If the IP address does not match the 192.168.1.x scheme, please install the IP search tool from the download website to modify the camera’s IP address. Make sure the IP address of the camera matches the LAN IP scheme. For example, if the your LAN is, then set the IP camera to and so on.

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