7 Possible Reasons Why Security Camera Footage Is Blurry

Why Is My Security Camera Blurry At Night?

Security camera helps you keep an eye out for danger or any other possible risk to your house and family. So if the footage it produces is blurry, the purpose of the camera goes down like a lead balloon. But before looking for replacement options, why not identify the cause? Usually, the reason your security camera blurry is not permanent. In fact, you might be able to fix the image problems within a matter of minutes! Hence, continue reading this article to know the reasons why your indoor security camera or cctv camera blurry.

Blurry footage really kills the purpose of your indoor outdoor home security cameras. What use is this hazy video or picture if you cannot even make out the things and people? The possible culprit behind it might be one of these:

Dirt & Dust

Since your security camera is positioned outside, it is exposed to contaminants like dust and dirt particles. Therefore, it is vulnerable to getting dirty. The dust on the internal or external camera lens can result in blurry footage. Regular maintenance, at least every 6 months, can help keep it clean.

Spider Webs

Spiders love clinging to surveillance cameras. They might form cobwebs over the lens. But getting rid of it is easy: just a little wiping with a lens cloth might do the trick. If your home security video cameras are in a higher position, contact a professional.

Cable Length

Many people still use smart home video camera with long cables that send images to the recorder, which is not located nearby. However, the length o the cable can play a role in deteriorating the image quality of the footage. Plus, pests and machinery might damage a longer cable more. Identifying the damaged cable part can be time-consuming; therefore, you can consider switching to a smart indoor ip camera. This might be much easier on your wallet too!

Cable Quality

Blurry security camera footage might have something to do with the cable’s quality. For instance, using copper instead of copper-clad aluminum for your video cable can affect the footage quality. For home Indoor IP cameras, poor cable quality might look like stuttering or broken-up images.


The common culprit behind blurry security camera footage is the focus. Typically, older cameras have fixed lenses, which means you cannot adjust the focus. Other times, the lens might be out of focus; you can resolve the issue by adjusting the focus. Even better would be to ask someone to keep an eye on the monitor while you adjust the security camera. This way, they can tell you when the surveillance camera is in focus.


The settings like contrast and brightness can affect the quality of your footage, although they’re less likely to make it blurry. Still, make sure to adjust the effects and settings. It would be better to ask for a professional’s consultation.

Problems with Firmware

A technical issue in the programming or a bug in the firmware can also cause blurry images. If you suspect this, get expert advice on updating your firmware.

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