4MP Varifocal Lens Smart Hybrid Light Mini Dome Camera


▲ HD imaging with 4MP camera resolution
▲ 2.8~12 mm motorized varifocal lens
▲ Advanced smart hybrid light technology with long range
▲ Support human and vehicle Detection
▲ Built-in microphone for real-time audio security
▲ Support Micro SD card, up to 512GB
▲ 120 dB true WDR
▲ Efficient H.265+ compression technology
▲ Easy to use, PoE connection
▲ Water and dust resistant (IP67), vandal proof (IK08)

HD Imaging with 4MP Resolution

This mini dome camera is equipped with 4-megapixel high-definition imaging technology, capable of capturing clear and detailed images. Compared with the traditional 1080P camera, the 4MP camera provides higher image resolution, which can clearly restore the details of the scene, helping to more accurately identify and analyze people and objects in the video.

2.8~12 mm Motorized Varifocal Lens

The varifocal dome camera is equipped with a 2.8~12mm electric zoom lens and supports automatic focus function. Users can remotely control the focal length of the lens to freely switch from wide angle to telephoto to meet the monitoring needs of different scenarios. For example, you can use wide-angle mode in scenes that require broad coverage, and switch to telephoto mode when you need to see details.

Smart Hybrid Light Technology

The camera uses advanced intelligent mixed light technology and has long-distance lighting capability. Whether it is day or night, the camera can intelligently switch between infrared and white light fill modes according to ambient light, ensuring clear video surveillance under any light conditions. This technology not only improves the effectiveness of nighttime monitoring, but also effectively reduces light pollution.

mini dome camera

Support Human and Vehicle Detection

This mini dome security camera has built-in intelligent algorithms that can accurately identify the activities of people and vehicles. This function greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of monitoring and can effectively filter out irrelevant moving objects, such as animals or the shaking of leaves, thereby reducing the false alarm rate. At the same time, it can also provide security personnel with real-time alerts on abnormal activities to enhance the safety of the place.

mini dome security camera

Built-in Microphone

The camera has a built-in high-sensitivity microphone that enables real-time audio monitoring. Through the combination of video and audio, users can not only see the situation in the monitored area, but also hear the sound on the scene, which improves the completeness and practicality of the monitoring information. For example, audio monitoring can help identify abnormal sounds, such as the sound of breaking glass or arguments, providing more basis for handling security incidents.

Support Micro SD Card, up to 512GB

The camera supports inserting a Micro SD card for local storage, and can support a maximum storage capacity of 512GB. This design provides users with a flexible storage solution that can save large amounts of video data without the need for external storage devices. It also provides the possibility of data redundancy backup, enhancing data security and reliability.

hikvision mini dome camera

Efficient H.265+ Compression Technology

The camera uses efficient H.265+ video compression technology. Compared with traditional H.264 compression technology, H.265+ can significantly reduce the size of video files while ensuring image quality, thereby reducing storage and bandwidth requirements. This technology not only saves storage space and transmission costs, but also provides smooth real-time video surveillance in poor network environments.

Easy to use, PoE Connection

This Hikvision mini dome camera supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection, simplifying the installation and wiring process. Data and power can be transmitted simultaneously through a single network cable, eliminating the need for additional power cords and sockets, reducing installation costs and maintenance difficulty. This design is particularly suitable for scenarios where a large number of cameras need to be deployed, such as large commercial areas or public places.

hikvision 4mp ip dome camera

Water and Dust Resistant (IP67), Vandal Proof (IK08)

The camera has IP67 waterproof and dustproof capability and IK08 anti-vandal capability, and can work stably in various harsh environments. IP67-level protection ensures that the camera can completely prevent dust from entering and can be immersed in water for a short period of time without being damaged; IK08-level anti-vandal design provides strong impact resistance to prevent man-made damage and malicious damage. These characteristics make the camera ideal for outdoor surveillance applications such as parking lots, construction sites, and public facilities.

hikvision 4mp dome camera


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