4MP Security CCTV Camera Smart Hybrid Light IP Dome Camera


▲ High quality imaging with 4MP resolution
▲ Advanced smart hybrid light technology
▲ Smart motion detection & instant alerts
▲ Support human and vehicle detection
▲ Built-in microphone, one-way audio
▲ Easy to setup, plug and play with Hikvision NVR
▲ Efficient H.265+ compression technology
▲ Support Micro SD card up to 512GB
▲ Water and dust resistant (IP67) and vandal resistant (IK08)

High-quality 4MP Imaging

This IP dome camera uses a 4 megapixel resolution to capture clear and detailed images. Compared with traditional 2MP cameras, 4MP camera resolution can provide higher image clarity, so that every detail in the surveillance screen can be accurately recorded. It is especially suitable for places that require high-definition surveillance, such as banks, shopping malls and parking lots, etc.

Smart Hybrid Light Technology

The CCTV dome camera is equipped with advanced smart hybrid light technology, which can automatically adjust the light under different lighting conditions. During the day, the camera can provide bright and clear color images; at night or in low-light environment, it can automatically switch to infrared mode to ensure clear images can be captured in complete darkness. Smart hybrid light technology not only improves the adaptability of the camera, but also greatly reduces image quality degradation caused by light changes.

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Motion Detection and Instant Alerts

VIKYLIN security dome cameras features intelligent motion detection and can accurately identify and track moving objects. When the camera detects abnormal movement, it will immediately send an alert to notify the user, helping to deal with potential security threats in a timely manner. Through intelligent algorithms, the camera can filter out common interference factors in the environment, such as the shaking of leaves or the passing of small animals, reducing the rate of false alarms.

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Human and Vehicle Detection

The camera’s intelligent analysis function can distinguish the movement of people and vehicles and provide more accurate alarm information. This function is especially suitable for parking lots, road monitoring and other scenarios. It can effectively reduce false alarms and respond quickly when intrusions or vehicles enter and exit, improving the efficiency and reliability of monitoring.

Built-in Microphone, One-Way Audio

The camera has a built-in high-sensitivity microphone that can pick up environmental audio and provide one-way audio monitoring. This function helps monitoring personnel obtain sound information from the scene while viewing the video, so as to have a more comprehensive understanding of the scene. One-way audio is suitable for situations where sound recording is required, such as access control and customer service windows.

Plug and Play with Hikvision NVR

This camera has a simple design, and it is highly compatible with Hikvision NVR (network video recorder). Users only need to simply connect the camera and NVR to complete the installation and configuration, which greatly reduces the complexity and time cost of installation. It is very suitable for users without professional technical background.

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Efficient H.265+ Compression Technology

The camera uses advanced H.265+ video compression technology. Compared with traditional H.264 technology, it can significantly reduce the size and bandwidth usage of video files while ensuring image quality. This means that with the same storage space, H.265+ can store more video data and make it smoother during network transmission, which is especially suitable for scenes that require long-term recording.

Supports Micro SD Card Up To 512GB

The camera has a built-in Micro SD card slot, which supports memory cards up to 512GB and provides local storage function. Even if the network is interrupted, the camera can still record locally, ensuring that critical video data will not be lost. Large-capacity memory card support also allows users to flexibly manage storage solutions and choose different recording modes according to needs.

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Waterproof, Dustproof (IP67) and Vandal Resistant (IK08)

The camera has IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance, can work normally in various harsh weather conditions, and is suitable for outdoor environments. In addition, the IK08-level anti-vandal design ensures that the camera can still maintain good working condition when subjected to external impacts. These rugged and durable designs enable the cameras to provide reliable surveillance services over long periods of use.

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