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Do Apartment Security Cameras Really Effectively Protect Renters?

Renters Should Take Security Seriously

With so many people coming in and out of your building, you need cameras with superior video quality that will capture all the details. However, protecting your home can be more complicated when you’re a renter. Vikylin can help you get the answers you need to better secure your apartment.

Why Do Tenants Need Security Cameras?

There are plenty of reasons a tenant would need apartment security cameras. With porch pirates, intruders, untrustworthy neighbors, and intrusive landlords, you want to stay on top of your home’s security to ensure the safety of people and property. Even in a gated community or an apartment building with security, having something as simple as a cameras for inside home can be the difference between peace of mind and a state of worry.

Is it Legal for Tenants to Use Security Cameras?

There are steps you can take to ensure the legality of your cameras for apartments. If you want to install wired security cameras, you may need permission from your landlord before opening any walls to install a hard-wired system. Different buildings have different requirements that may limit what you can and cannot do.

Am I Breaking My Lease Agreement by Installing Security Cameras?

The answer depends on the language within your rental agreement. Read and reread your contract carefully, and don’t be shy to reach out to a lawyer for help with any confusing or vague language. This can also be especially helpful if your rental agreement features language that doesn’t comply with state or federal laws granting you rights to your own security.

Can Camera Installation Damage My Rental Property?

This is a big issue for many landlords. If you are renting, you want to be extra careful not to damage property as you may risk losing your security deposit and could face legal consequences. Always ask for permission to install security camera recorder, especially those that require hard-wiring, as you may need to drill new holes and make changes to the apartment to accommodate the system.

Is My Camera Placement Invading Someone’s Privacy?

People have a reasonable expectation to privacy and this right should not be impeded by video and audio recording. Your security camera system shouldn’t be able to record a neighbor’s movements in a way that infringes on their privacy nor conversations from inside their private space. This would be a clear invasion of privacy and can have severe legal repercussions.

For example: If you have a camera for front door, make sure it’s pointed in a way that doesn’t capture a neighbor’s door, so they maintain their privacy while you ensure your safety.

Does My Indoor Camera Invade My Roommate’s Privacy?

Wherever someone has a reasonable right to privacy, a camera should not be observing their behavior. If you are living with roommates, any installation of an indoor security camera in a shared space within your apartment should be approved by all parties. Additionally, a solid relationship with your roommates can go a long way towards a successful and safe stay in any apartment.

These tips can help you navigate exactly how to go about securing your space. By abiding by your rental agreement and laws, gaining permission from your landlord, and consulting your neighbors and roommates, you are that much closer to gaining greater peace of mind in your apartment.