This article explains the importance of backup footage from a night security cameras and provides an overview of several ways to do so.

  • Check to see if the camera can upload video to the cloud through a subscription service.
  • Use SD card storage to record video locally as a backup.

Why Need To Cloud Backup Security Camera?

You’re planning to put up ip security cameras to provide 24/7 unblinking eyes on your home and possessions. Everything will be recorded to a DVR or your computer’s hard drive. You’ve thought through all the possible scenarios related to break-ins, but there’s one scenario that still bothers you: What happens if the bad guys steal your computer or dvr where all the security footage is stored?

Unless you have your footage sent to an off-site security camera storage service, you are likely to be up a creek should a thief steal your computer or DVR.

ip security cameras aren’t new technology, they have become increasingly popular, and the technology is getting better and cheaper. Most ip cameras are stand-alone units with a built-in server that doesn’t need a separate computer to operate. Some models add SD card storage to record video locally as a backup or alternative to computer monitoring and recording solutions.

If your cameras didn’t come with a cloud storage subscription option, you can (and should) back up the footage to the cloud yourself.

How to Back up IP Cameras To Cloud Storage?

The first and hardest task for backing up your ip cameras to off-site cloud-based storage is finding a service provider. There aren’t a lot of them out there that cater to the home or small office user. However, a couple of services stand out because one of them has a free option, and the other offers a completely integrated solution that features HD-quality video.

A camera with onboard SD card storage backed up locally to a computer-based DVR with cloud-based off-site storage should capture the bad guys in just about every possible scenario.

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