While many businesses still rely on traditional security cameras and recording systems, more companies are making the switch to cloud based ip security cameras for their increased flexibility and feature sets.

Cloud Based Security Cameras Offers Unlimited Access

When using an integrated cloud based security cameras, security teams are less likely to run the risk of accidentally overwriting or deleting important footage from a manually operated camera system.

Cloud based ip camera can be leveraged with a linked cloud storage solution to automatically save and store recorded data without the need for a physical device like a hard drive. This allows businesses to access historic footage and better organize information without hardware limitations, while providing the added benefit of remote access to browse specific files from a separate location.

In addition, many cloud based camera systems allow security operators to remotely control cctv cameras and view live footage. With ptz dome cameras (pan tilt and zoom), remote operation can enable teams to proactively assess risk and respond to incidents from anywhere in the world, rather than being tied to a specific workstation.

Cloud Based IP Camera System Require Less Maintenance

Unlike physical hardware, which must be regularly tested and manually updated, cloud based ip camera system can be updated over-the-air. As long as the system remains connected, any new firmware and software updates will be automatically installed without the need for a dedicated IT support team.

This means businesses are free to focus their IT departments toward other operations, with only their physical cloud based surveillance cameras requiring some degree of maintenance to keep the system running.

Cloud Based Security Camera Systems Are Easily Scalable

For businesses that plan on expanding, cloud-based security camera systems provide a greater degree of flexibility. New locations can be connected to your existing cloud-based video management system, storage capacities can be increased without additional hardware and the collected data from each business location can be stored, viewed and organized remotely by authorized system admins.

Operating through a cloud-based camera system will also ensure that all locations are running the same version of your CCTV software, as each site will receive the same automatic updates and new features, while still allowing each location to personalize some settings depending on their own site-specific workflows.

In addition, many security camera cloud providers offer connection services that enable existing cameras to live on the same cloud network as new devices. In this type of hybrid cloud camera system, operators can get the most out of their security without the burden of managing two separate platforms.

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