Vikylin Colorvu Acusense

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Colorvu Acusense Camera Recommendation

Hikvision AcuSense is an intelligent analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms. Many customers who are familiar with motion detection must know Hikvision AcuSense. Our Vikylin R&D team has developed a series of AcuSense cameras with the same functions as Hikvision. The motion detection accuracy is basically the same as that of the Hikvision Security camera. In 2021, we will sell 100,000 AcuSense Cameras in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Russion, Japan, etc. Acquired a number of loyal customers and a number of local distributors.

What is AcuSense Camera?

AcuSense technology helps you take security to the next level with accurate, real-time threat detection that distinguishes people and vehicles from other targets.

How does Hikvision AcuSense Work?

AcuSense is an intelligent analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms. It categorizes target objects into three types: a person, a car and others. When an operator selects certain types of objects, the AcuSense cameras or network video recorders filter out other non-selected types, which significantly reduces the number of false alarms.

Can AcuSense DVR Filter Out Non Human Targets?

Video analysis only generates a warning when a surveillance camera or video recorder detects a vehicle or person, and its natural factors, such as raindrops, animal or leaf movement, will be completely ignored. AcuSense technology surveillance cameras can detect potential intruders before they commit crimes. There are very few false positives, and the accuracy rate is now close to 98%.

There is also a quick search function that allows security guards to find footage of an incident within minutes. This solution saves security guards a lot of time, because otherwise they would have searched for the needed footage manually.

How good is AcuSense?

AcuSense Alerts Are Accurate

The AcuSense device is designed with an upgraded deep learning algorithm that can analyze real-time video streams and mark them as “people”, “vehicles” or “other events”. Those events marked as people and vehicles will trigger alarms for security personnel, while other events, such as raindrops, the movement of animals or leaves, will be completely ignored. The accuracy rate is now close to 98%.

Enhanced Motion Detection, Human & Vehicle Classification

When motion is detected, the system analyzes whether it is related to a person or vehicle, and whether it should trigger an alarm. When users enable the motion detection function, they can enjoy the same level of alert accuracy provided by Hikvision’s AcuSense technology.

Flashing Light And Two-Way Voice Conversation

When real-time deterrence is needed, Vikylin also offers camera models with a flashing light and auditory warning. As soon as an alarm is triggered, the built-in light flashes. Simultaneously, security personnel can communicate with the person who triggered the alarm to confirm their authorisation, thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone in the camera. Of note, the latest AcuSense cameras even support customised audio tracks, which can be pre-recorded to suit various environments.

Larger Detection Area

Compared with previous AcuSense cameras, this new generation extends target classification distances from 10, 15 or 22 metres to 20, 25 or 30 metres, depending on the model.Customers can choose from 2MP, 4MP or 4K resolutions, as well as dome, turret and bullet housings to suit their specific installation requirements.

Better Performance In Low-Light Environments

The latest AcuSense camera lenses are equipped with an aperture reaching up to F1.4. This technology allows more light to enter the lens, for optimised image brightness and better performance in low-light environments.