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Buying A PoE Home Security Camera System? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

What are the specifications or features to be seen when you are buying a poe home security camera system? To avoid buyer’s remorse, check out our rundown of the essential factors you should consider before pulling the trigger on the best poe home security camera systems.

Resolution of PoE Home Security Cameras System

We list resolution of poe home security camera systems in the first place, with good reasons. Because that would directly affect whether you’ll get fuzzy or clear images when usable details are required. And these days, the best PoE home security camera systems have been marching towards greater clarity – an irresistible market trend you need to recognize.

Case in point: many reputable security camera sellers are now offering 5mp and even 4k poe security camera systems for home.

It’s easy for you to switch the resolution of 5mp/4mp poe home security camera systems to 720p or 1080p for less storage usage, but you can’t adjust the resolution of 720p poe home security cameras to 1440p or 5mp in case that sharper and clear videos are needed. And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t settle on the low-resolution poe home security surveillance systems.

Installation of PoE Home Security Camera Systems

As mentioned above, the poe outdoor security camera system only need one ethernet cable for power supply and video transmission, thus saving your time and installation cost as well.

Despite so, there are many factors you need to check out regarding the installation of poe outdoor and indoor home security systems, like

  • Are you offered with free security camera accessories required for the installation of PoE home security cameras (like screws, network cables, a screwdriver, etc.)?
  • If you meet any problems in the installation process, will you receive instant assistance from the support team of the security system seller
  • Read the PoE home security camera system reviews to see if the users can install the system on their own or they have to hire professionals.

Storage Space of PoE Security Camera Systems for Home

The storage space for a PoE home security camera system, also matters if you want to record 24/7 continuously or monitor large indoor and outdoor areas. As a rule of thumb, most PoE home surveillance camera systems are built with a pre-installed HDD for video storage. And some also allow you to add an external one to expand the storage space.

Even when your HDD of PoE security camera systems for home is full, the older videos will be automatically overwritten by newer ones. So your PoE IP security camera systems can proceed to record.

Instant Alerts & Live Feed on Your Mobile Devices

When searching for the best PoE home security camera systems, do remember to check what alert options (push notifications, emails or buzz from the NVR) you will receive when motion is detected.

Also, compared with the pay-to-use third-party software, it is more suggested that you use the free and customized security camera viewers from the sellers, so that you don’t need to pay extra fees or sacrifice any features of your PoE security camera systems for home.

Refer to PoE Home Security Camera System Reviews

Doing enough homework will go a long way towards landing you on the best PoE home security camera systems. And reading the PoE home security camera system reviews is just one of the preparations you should make.

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