8 Channel Wireless Video Security Camera System with 4Pcs 3MP HD WiFi Cameras

Wireless Security Camera System

Model: JA782304W-B

The wireless camera system supports up to eight cameras, so the monitoring range is wide. The product is suitable for a variety of occasions, like homes, offices, workshops,restaurants, etc. Even at night, the waterproof camera can monitor every corner of the house very well. You can use your mobile app to watch everything in your home remotely, anytime, anywhere. Once a thief breaks into the house, the system will automatically send an alert to your mailbox.


1. Cameras are not Battery Powered – Each camera has a power supply with around 10 feet of the power cord, and they will need to be plugged into a power outlet nearby.

2. Wireless Cameras will auto-pair to the NVR video recorder, there is no need to hook any video cables from the cameras to the NVR video recorder.

3. WiFi Range Limitation – the WiFi signal can only go straight line, it will be reduced by walls, so please place the NVR video recorder as close to the cameras as possible. The cameras will not have a steady signal when the Wi-Fi signal goes through a wall with a steel beam inside or more than two concrete walls.

4. Please test the cameras’ WiFi signal before Installation.

Package Includes:

1x 8CH 1080p HD NVR,  

4x 3MP HD Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless Cameras

1x 12V 2A Power Adapter for NVR

4x 12V 1A Power Adapters for Cameras (10ft Power Cord)

1x 3ft Network Cable

1x Mouse for NVR

1x Quick User Guide

2x Warning Sticker

1x Extension Antenna

1x USB Sticker

Easiest Wireless Security System,wireless home security camera system,The easiest wireless NVR security camera system ever!

Power on and all is done! It releases you from messy cables.No configuration and no need to hire an installation company!,A real plug and play security camera system!

Wireless Transmission:

The installation is so easy, you just need to connect the power supply to the Camera and NVR, then power them, it will work well. Because this Wireless Security Camera System can pair automatically. If you want to monitor your home or business via APP, you just need to connect the NVR to the router via network cable.

Wired Connection:

Furthermore, instead of wireless transmission, the network cable connection is also allowed. By connecting the IPC with the NVR via a router, you will also get a smooth and crystal clear surveillance video. (Pls note that the power supplies of camera and NVR are also needed)

Motion Detection & E-mail Alert

The security system allows you to customize the motion detection area, such as a door or window, as needed.

The motion sensor sensitivity can also be customized to prevent false alarms such as plants moving in a breeze.

When a camera detects motion, it can activate multiple security responses including turning on alarm, sending an alert and picture to your email box, communicate information to App, and trigger a recording.

Easy Remotely Access

Which APP Can I download?

Available for Android & IOS system, not Windows Users to remotely monitor at any time and anywhere. Download Free APP”EseeCloud “from Android Google Play or Apple APP Store. Register a New Account, then Add Device ID, PC/Laptop View: Windows System: EseeCloud Software.(Please Send E-mail to VIKYLIN for EseeCloud)

What will I see from the APP?

Any happiness time of children and parents, Any activity of pet and so on.

Where can I monitor from APP?

If you install the APP, You can monitor at any time and anywhere with the network.


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