A. Connect the camera

(1)The camera is directly connected to the computer and provides DC12V power supply for it

(2)Connect via POE switch

(3)Connect via router

    B. Ownload and open the camera search tool (the IP address of the camera that has not been   activated is


Check whether the camera’s IP is in the same network segment as the computer’s IP. If it is different, modify the camera’s IP to be in the same network segment as the camera (the first three digits of the camera’s IP address are the same as the computer’s IP address, and the last digit is different)

C. Open the IE browser, fill in the camera IP address, fill in the camera account password, and   download the plug-in preview (Need to close the browser when installing the plug-in to  prevent the plug-in installation from being unsuccessful)

The initial account is admin and the password is 123456.