During the surveillance cameras installation or maintenance process, we often encounter this situation: hikvision ip cameras needs to be connected to another brand of video recorder.

At this time, ordinary novices will mistakenly think that they can add it normally by just plugging it in. In fact, the monitoring screen will not be displayed at all. In fact, the fundamental reason is that some parameters of the hikvision ip cameras need to be modified. Of course, if the hikvision poe camera is equipped with a hikvision nvr, there will be no need to change the parameters of the security camera to function.

To explain, what I call third-party nvr here refers to all non-hikvision brand video recorders on the market.

Let’s Talk About How To Connect Hikvision Camera To NVR:

First Step
Log in to the address of the hikvision camera in the computer browser. after entering the camera’s web page, click the mouse
System—Security Management—Security Service—Cancel Illegal Login Lock—Confirm

Second Step
Click Network—Advanced Configuration—Integrated Protocol—Enable Open Network Video Interface (tick in front of it)—OK

Third Step
Add a new user name and password settings, user type—administrator

Fourth Step
Go back to the hard disk video recorder and add it directly.

The above has been explained connect hikvision camera to nvr in great detail. If you still don’t understand, you can contact our technician colleagues for consultation.

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