Any industry or technology will have many difficulties in details. Today we are discussing the monitor display problem of dahua security cameras. The dahua surveillance camera itself and the line connection are all normal, but there are often some problems in the terminal display. For example, small screen cannot be displayed effectively, and sometimes it is necessary to click on a single small picture before it can be displayed normally.

What is so-called small screen not displayed? For example, for a 16 channel NVR, normally if a 16 channel security camera system is connected, 16 frames of monitoring screen will be displayed on the monitor. These 16 screens are called small screens. and so what is the large screen? That is, when you double-click these 16 individual small screen with the mouse, it will enlarge to the entire monitor screen, which we call a large screen.

Why Can’t The Dahua Security Cameras Displayed Normally?

In fact, the root cause is still the video stream, because the pixels of the dahua surveillance cameras do not match the resolution of the monitor. As we know, today’s dahua cameras basically start with a resolution of 3 million pixels, and the most common and best-selling ones on the market are 4mp cameras and 5mp security cameras. On the other hand, the monitors used to display surveillance images are relatively durable and are unlikely to break if they are less than 8 years old. In addition, many customers do not throw away these old devices to save money, so they always directly use them as video monitors.

This kind of monitor is already an antique-level product. It is recommended to use 4K high-definition for newly purchased security monitors. This way, it can be directly matched with the current dahua ip cameras, and there is no problem of small screen display problems.

How To Solve The Monitor Display Problem of Dahua IP Camera?

If the screen is not displayed, directly correct the sub-stream value. If the large screen is not displayed, then correct the main code stream. Change it as small as possible. If it still cannot be displayed normally, sometimes just change it to the factory default value and it will be OK. This is the accumulation and summary of work experience, and this is all introduced.

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