What Is Hikvision AcuSense Solution?

Remote video surveillance are widely used to prevent loss. However, conventional CCTV systems are faced with efficiency issues when events happen.

Hikvision has released the AcuSense technology based on deep learning algorithms to improve user experience of clients, especially SMB customers with limited budgets.

What Is AcuSense and Acusense Camera Features?

As part of Hikvision EasylP 4.0 and Turbo HD 5.0 solutions, the Hikvision AcuSense has inherited the high usability and good quality of the EasylP and Turbo HD families. Within an affordable budget, the AcuSense camera greatly improves searching efficiency and user experience in 5 ways.

Hikvision AcuSense Reduces False Alarms

By selecting a certain type of targets, e.g. human or vehicle, the AcuSense camera hikvision can filter out target types that are not selected and reduce unwanted false alarms.The time spent on false alarms can be shortened significantly.

Hikvision AcuSense Expandable Monitoring Area

In a monitoring center, with the AcuSense technology, one guard can handle alarms of more cameras compared to traditional CCTV systems, as the acusense camera hikvision can filter out some false alarms that are not triggered by human or vehicle. Thus, in a regional monitoring center, an extended monitoring area can be taken care of without increasing of staff.

AcuSense Surveillance Camera Enables Faster Playback

The AcuSense cameras allows users to play back event video triggered by only human or vehicle targets. Consider this scenario: A suitcase was stolen from a car in a parking lot. No one knows the exact time of the crime and normally the guard has to watch the video for very long time to find the suspect. However, with the help of the AcuSense system, the guard can play back the intrusion event video with merely human targets. The time spent on searching suspicious people or vehicle can be significantly shortened.

Hikvision AcuSense Camera Configuration Is Easier

Users need to take one step only-enabling a VCA rule-to enjoy the performance of the AcuSense surveillance camera.

AcuSense Security Camera with Strobe Light And Audio Alarm

The Hikvision AcuSense offers security cameras with the strobe light audio alarm function. Once a human or vehicle target is detected to trigger a VCA event, strobe light and audio alarm can warn the intruder off. Audio volume and strobe light brightness are adjustable to suit the environment.

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