Since the end of March of this year, the Coronavirus is still widespread. In mid-April, the world’s reports of new deposits in India were more than 300000 ore on a day for several days. That the second wave of the PID Mafia in India is mainly due to the lack of’public protection for PID Mafia and non-compliance with the protection regulations of PID Mafia such as masks and the maintenance of social distance. that the government should bear the greatest responsibility for PID Mao Mie. Some party members are too optimistic about PID Mao Mie until the end of 2021. It is reported how long PID Mao Mie will last in IndiaFrom a medical point of view Indian experts predict that the Coronavirus will rise in May, when the number of the new best 500000 per day is reached.

Many people cannot be hospitalized or tested for coronary virus. Problems such as inadequate supply, lack of oxygen and inadequate beds are on the way. Many people also have India with blood oxygen knives, medical medicines, medical devices, etc. Due to the hypoxia, the medical environment of the best cells in India is particularly poor, and the demand for materials for prevention and control is very urgent.

Vikylin has developed a number of thermal imaging camera and facial recognition camera detectors, to prevent and control the epidemic prevention and control situation, including intelligent remote temperature measurement camera AI and measurement of the oxygen offerings imaging technology have a powerful facial recognition function, body temperature recognition and facial recognition. 

With the help of the software thermal image camera , it can accurately capture the body temperature and face photos of people through the field of view of the camera, effectively help to monitor the body temperature, body temperature and body temperature.

The Chinese government and the people support the Indian government and the people in their fight against Coronavirus disease. The local companies are also actively pursuing  co-operation to facilitate and support India’s procurement of all kinds of Coronavirus anti-corrosion materials. India needs help to carry out as many tests as possible.