People Counting Camera Monitoring System To Help Manage Public Spaces

Since the cloning of the Coronavirus (New Coronavirus-19), many public places have imposed strict restrictions on the movement of people, such as wearing masks, measuring temperature and disinfecting with alcohol before entering. Currently, many governments have imposed strict restrictions on human resources, including the maximum capacity in many areas. 

When these capacities are reached, policies will be implemented successively, and these measures will be implemented and managed by the employees, not just additional management costs, Our camera for people counting and control camera monitoring system is a new and innovative employee technology, The reduction in the number of employees reduces the number of social interactions and increases the risk of environmental pollution between workers and workers, which has been developed to detect visitors in real time and to analyse the flow of people or customers into and out of businesses or buildings. 

The sensor is used to count and analyze the number of people in the area, and the number of people in and out of the area are displayed in real time on the cctv people counting software. When the maximum capacity is reached, The CCTV staff can send an alarm via the personnel sensor to remind the staff to wait a while: are there several inputs and outputs, what is the number of people. people counting cameras will automatically summarises the total number and number of persons that can be entered.

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