It is no exaggeration to say that security cameras are now everywhere and are widely used in people’s lives and work. But in fact, many people don’t know much about it. For example, how far can outdoor security cameras see? Next, let the VIKYLIN service team answer your questions one by one.

How far can Outdoor surveillance cameras see If different specifications?

The application of security cameras is very similar to the SLR cameras we usually use. The smaller the lens millimeter value, the wider the picture it can capture.

  • Infrared surveillance cameras with 3.6~6mm lens: within 40m
  • Security cameras with 6mm lens: about 100m
  • Security cameras with 25mm lens:about 150m
  • High-speed pan tilt zoom camera: about 300m

So how to choose the outdoor security cameras?

Resolution Contrast

  • 720p: Such as home security or small business premises.
  • 1080p: Suitable for large commercial area, shop or markets
  • 4K: Ultra high definition imaging, suitable for occasions such as banks, airports, etc.

The camera types to choose depends on the user’s actual monitoring needs and target budget. If you need to monitor large areas or distant places, we recommend choosing high definition security cameras because they can provide clearer images and make it easier to identify targets.

night vision Remote monitoring

The full-color night vision function is also very important for outdoor security cameras, because most criminal activities often occur at night and in some darker corners.

While traditional outdoor cameras can provide reliable monitoring in low-light conditions too, but images often lose color and lack detail. Choosing a night vision cctv camera outdoor security device can perfectly solves this problem. Because color images make it easier to identify objects and people. In addition, night vision outdoor security cameras usually have higher sensitivity and can capture clear color images under lower light conditions, thus providing better monitoring effects.

Installation scene or location

We can choose the corresponding security cameras type according to the installation scene or location.

If the camera is installed indoors, the required coverage distance is relatively small, and there are not many requirements for waterproof performance. At this time, we can choose some IP cameras with a more beautiful appearance, and the security camera dome is a good choice. If it is installed outdoors, then we recommend choosing an outdoor camera with better waterproof performance. We can choose a bullet camera or a PTZ camera.

From the above article, we can draw a conclusion, that is the viewing distances is different between various security cameras, still depends on the camera configuration. Users also need to consider multiple factors if want to buy amazon outdoor security camera, including camera resolution, night vision function, viewing angle, etc.

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