Instructions For How To Install Security Cameras

In order to meet the needs of customers, the security project and the installation of the security cameras systems must choose the right product. Only by installing and debugging the security cameras through standardized installation methods and requirements can a satisfactory effect be achieved. The ip camera is the front-end collection video Important equipment, its installation is also very important, the following provides an introduction on how to install security cameras, whether you are doing a project or installing it yourself, you can refer to it!

Check Before Installation

  1. Before installation, confirm whether the equipment packing box is in good condition and whether the accessories are complete, such as sealing ring, power supply, etc.
  2. Observe whether the appearance of the camera is damaged, such as the surface of the lens, the tail wire interface, etc.
  3. If hoop installation is required, confirm whether the size of the hoop meets the size of the installation column.

Installation Precautions

  1. When moving the device, do not directly pull the waterproof cable of the device, otherwise it will affect the waterproof performance of the device or cause circuit problems.
  2. After the camera is installed, it is necessary to tear off the front protective film of the lens.
  3. Whether the power cord needs to be extended, if it needs to be extended, please be less than 15 meters.

Installation Environment Check

  1. Whether the monitoring area is single and fixed. After the camera is installed, the lens should face the area to be monitored as much as possible, so as to achieve a large monitoring range.
  2. According to the survey records, determine whether the corresponding installation height, monitoring range, and monitoring width of the equipment are reasonable.
  3. Confirm that there is no shelter near the installation location, and whether the supplementary light at night is sufficient.

Adjust After Installation

When adjusting on-site, it is recommended that one person observe the monitoring area presented by the equipment screen, adjust the equipment level, pitch angle, etc., and the other person use it as a model for adjusting the angle.

Installation Demo

Installation of high-altitude parabolic camera: the installation position is directly facing the target building, and the vertical distance is generally 15-30 meters. The installation angle ensures that the lens can completely cover the roof of the building, leaving a little margin for the picture.

Face passenger flow camera installation: The installation angle is between 15°-20°, and the area is drawn. People must appear from the upper half of the regular area and pass through the detection line and disappear from the lower half of the regular area before counting.

Outdoor surveillance cameras installation: the best viewing angle for outdoor installation, the recommended installation height is 4-8 meters, and the appropriate installation height can also be selected according to specific monitoring requirements. Note that when the installation height is low, the 2-3 meter high pole needs to avoid possible vehicle scratches Scrub and bump to avoid danger.

Smart security cameras installation: The angle between the camera and the horizontal line is at least 15 degrees. In scenes where people gather and move quickly, the camera needs to be erected at a commanding height, such as the monitoring of large-scale scenes such as squares. The installation height is recommended to be 3-8 meters.

The above is a brief introduction to the installation process of surveillance cameras, and also shared the installation introduction of several different cameras in different scenses. I hope it can help everyone. for more introductions of smart security cameras, please contact us to learn more!

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