In today’s surveillance sector, the demand for advanced monitoring solutions is escalating. Traditional cameras often struggle with low-light conditions, making reliable identification difficult during critical moments. The VK163-LIUF Smart Hybrid Light camera steps in to revolutionize this landscape, by integrating Smart Hybrid Light technology, it ensures unparalleled clarity and visibility even in challenging environments, effectively addressing the limitations of conventional surveillance setups.

hikvision 6mp dome camera

What Makes the VK163-LIUF Stand Out?

  • High-Quality Imaging: Boasting 6 MP resolution, this Hikvision 6mp dome camera ensures crisp and detailed visuals, crucial for clear identification.
  • Human and Vehicle Detection: Utilizes smart technology to accurately distinguish between humans and vehicles, reducing false alarms.
  • Smart Hybrid Light Technology: Innovatively designed for extended range and enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance capability.
  • Efficient Compression: Incorporates H.265+ compression technology, optimizing storage and bandwidth usage without compromising image quality.
  • On-Board Storage: Optional support for up to 512 GB via SD card slot, offering flexibility in data storage solutions.
  • Audio Security: Equipped with a built-in microphone for real-time audio monitoring, adding an additional layer of security.
  • Rugged Design: Water and dust resistant (IP67) and vandal resistant (IK08), this Hikvision Smart Hybrid Light camera suitable for outdoor installations in challenging environments.

Who Is Behind VIKYLIN Innovative Solutions?

VIKYLIN is a leading provider of advanced security solutions. With years of industry experience, we focus on designing and manufacturing high-quality Hikvision compatible IP cameras to meet the various needs of our customers.

In addition, we work with top suppliers to ensure that each product has the highest performance and reliability, such as Hikvision, Dahua technology, etc. Our goal is to become your most trusted security partner through excellent monitoring products and quality services.

Elevate Your Surveillance Experience with US

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