When almost every friend installs security cameras PoE, there will be some failures. Surveillance camera installation seems simple, but it is a complicated problem. A slight error will affect the normal use of the equipment.

Here I have summarized the basic knowledge of 18 security camera installation. Before installing home camera, these 18 questions must be thoroughly familiarized.

1. How To Change The IP of The Security Camera?

  1. Open the management interface of the camera from the computer browser, find the network option, and fill in the address to be changed;
  2. From the NVR, after searching for the security IP cameras, click “Edit” to enter the changed address.

Of course, Hikvision can also modify the ip address in batches through the SADP software.

2. How To Determine The Millimeter of The Lens?

In general, divide the distance required by the site by 2 and then divide by 1000 to get the millimeter number of the lens, and then adjust the millimeter number appropriately according to the required shooting angle.

The focal length of the camera lens is 2.8mm/4mm/6mm/8mm/12mm, etc. Each product series can choose the focal length of the lens, which can meet the shooting needs of various indoor and outdoor environments. Generally speaking, the larger the focal length, the smaller the field of view and the farther the monitoring distance.

In actual use scense, the focal length of 2.8mm is suitable for relatively narrow environments such as elevators and stairs, and 4mm is suitable for larger scenes such as meeting rooms and shops, 6mm or more is suitable for more open places such as parking lots, factory workshops, and courtyards; the specific choice can be determined according to the needs.

3. Where Is The Camera Focus Adjusted?

There are words “FOCUS” and “ZOOM” on the side or tail of the PoE exterior camera.

4. How To Choose A Disk Array?

First calculate the storage capacity required for all front-end camera images, divide by the capacity of a single hard disk to get the number of disks, add the number of management disks required by RAID, and the number of hot spare disks to get the number of disks in the array.
Here is a list of the minimum number of hard disks required for common array types:

5. How Is The Network Speed Dome Camera Controlled?

NVR, computer client, and network keyboard can all control the speed dome machine.

6. How To Configure The Optical Fiber According To The Actual Situation?

Select the fiber type and number of fibers according to the total number of fibers and transmission mode required by the optical transmission equipment of the system. Determine the number of fibers according to the required transmission distance.
for example:
According to the IBDN standard, it is generally recommended to use 12 cores for the communication room in each building, and 24 cores for the building room.

7. How Far To Configure The Fiber Optic Transceiver?

After the signal transmission distance of the network cable is exceeded (generally 100 meters), it is time to consider using optical fiber transmission, and the cost of using optical fiber transceivers is relatively low. Of course, if the distance is 100-200 meters, adding an ordinary switch in the middle can also be solved.

8. How To Debug The Remote of The Video Recorder?

  1. In the main menu, enter System Settings – Network Settings – DDNS – Check Enable DDNS – Select the appropriate domain name service station in DDNS Type – Enter the user name and password registered at this website – OK.
  2. Enter the router where the recorder is connected to the Internet, find the “forwarding Rules” option, add the forwarding port and save it.

9. How To Calculate The Storage Capacity of The Network Security Camera Hard Disk?

Just memorize this table.

10. What Is The Difference Between A Platform All-In-One Machine and A Decoder?

The platform all-in-one device integrates decoding, management, splicing and other functions into one device; the decoder is only decoding and uploading to the wall (splicing, screen division), which can be selected according to the functional requirements of the user.

11. What Is The Function of Streaming Media Server?

When a large number of clients or WEB access the surveillance cameras, ordinary video recorders cannot withstand too much network pressure. At this time, the streaming media server needs to forward the access pressure of the clients to the server.

12. Do I Still Need A Video Recorder When Using A Disk Array?

The storage function of the disk array, where data is stored, needs to be managed by a storage server. Generally speaking, there is no need for a video recorder if there is a disk array.

13. What Is The Difference Between Led Lights And Dot Matrix Lights?

The two lights are essentially the same, and the dot matrix lights are more powerful and last longer than ordinary LED lights.

14. What Should I Do If The IP Camera Is Offline After Being Added?

  1. The IP address setting of the IP Camera is not in the same network segment as the NVR address.
  2. You can ping to see the packet loss situation, whether the network connection is not smooth, you can check whether the 8 cores of the network cable are all tested, or the quality of the network cable used and the distance of the network cable.

15. Why Is The Screen Black When Using The Mobile Client Software To Preview Images?

  1. The server device is offline.
  2. The device added by the client is incorrect, and the IP address, port, user name, and password are incorrect.

16. When Will The Encoder Be Used? Is The Encoder NVS?

The encoder is also called a video encoder, and its function is to encode the analog camera video signal into a network signal. When the analog camera video signal needs to be connected to the network system, an encoder is required.

17. What Is The Wiring Method for Centralized Power Supply of The Top PoE Camera Systems?

The so-called centralized power supply refers to the power consumption of all front-end equipment, which is provided uniformly from the back-end central control room. There are two situations:

  1. Centrally provide mains power to the front end, and the power adapter of the camera is placed at the camera end. When wiring in this case, the power line should be separated from the video signal line, and the power line must be protected by a JDG tube.
  2. Centrally provide the DC power required by the camera to the front end, and the camera power adapter is placed in the rear control room. In this case, when wiring, the power line and video line can share the same line. If the requirements are not strict, you can use PVC pipe. At the same time, pay attention to the relationship between the DC transmission distance and the wire diameter. The farther the transmission, the larger the required wire diameter.

18. What Are The Most Common Factors That Affect The Stability of Network Security HD IPCam?

  1. Network bandwidth and switch configuration.
  2. The network cable and the quality of the transmission cable are related.
  3. The quality of auxiliary materials such as crystal heads and the technical level of construction personnel.
  4. Selection of mainstream hardware, line planning, comprehensive construction and testing of the project.