VIKYLIN security is an industry-leading company focused on providing best quality security camera equipment. We are constantly committed to innovation, providing first-class security equipment products and comprehensive support to businesses and homes around the world. Our vision is very clear, which is to become a trustworthy security camera system manufacturers.

What Products Does VIKYLIN Security Supply?

VIKYLIN security offer videos on various types of surveillance devices, such as 4K IP CCTV camera, remote pan tilt zoom camera, NVR, PoE security camera system, among others.

Expand Horizons: Improve Service Levels

In order to meet the growing market demand, VIKYLIN Tech expanded its headquarters, increasing the office area by 60%. The expanded office space is equipped with the most advanced technical facility. This move is aimed at providing a more spacious and comfortable working environment for the company’s growing workforce. It is also equipped with the most advanced devices, including high definition security cameras, smart access control systems, etc. The new office space will help promote collaboration between teams and improve work efficiency, which can further improve the company’s overall operational level.

VIKYLIN CEO Jack said: “Our expansion is more than just an expansion of office space; it is a testament to our commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of innovation. By improving our infrastructure, we will further enhance our service levels and provide customers with create greater value.

Direction of Development

  • Technological innovation: Improve the intelligent analysis and early warning functions, improve the accuracy and timeliness of early warning of surveillance devices through more accurate data analysis and algorithm optimization, and help users discover potential security threats earlier and take corresponding measures.
  • Customer needs solved: from HD security cameras with advanced analytics to comprehensive surveillance systems, whether commercial, public or residential. According to the characteristics of different places and the individual needs of customers, we provide personalized security solutions to meet the different needs and requirements of customers.
  • Service optimization: Always put customer experience first, not only providing products, but also focusing on providing all-round support and services. From initial consultation to security cameras installation and maintenance, the VIKYLIN team must provide customers with full support to ensure they receive satisfactory solutions.

Expand Into Emerging Markets

VIKYLIN is embarking on an ambitious expansion plan to enter emerging markets and establish strategic partnerships with local distributors and dealers. By making full use of local resources and professional industry knowledge, we are confident of succeeding in emerging markets and further expanding our market share in the global security industry.

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