Security VS Surveillance Cameras: What Are The Differences

Threats of criminal attacks have been on the rise since technology has advanced. That’s why more and more people are turning to security cameras to heighten their security level. This is both for public and home safety.

But what is the difference between security and surveillance cameras? Or are they simply one and the same.

Security camera

Security cameras or also known as CCTV cameras are used to transfer signals from a certain area to an exact monitor located at a distance spot. It provides the following advantages:

1. It allows you to observe activities.

Security cameras are an effective way to keep track of suspicious visitors in your area. This is helpful in allowing you to observe various activities in your home or business.

2. It deters criminal acts.

Whether it is placed tactfully at home or at the office, security cameras discourage any criminal intent. Since the criminals know that they’re being watched, they’ll stop with their plans in fear of getting caught.

3. It provides evidence for a crime.

Security cameras are great for obtaining evidence of any unexpected or expected events, especially nowadays where CCTV’s have high-quality audio and video. This makes it easier to track culprits of criminal acts.

Consequences of having security cameras

1. Vulnerability to hack

Due to the advancement in technology today, criminals have also made themselves tech-savvy. Thus, they have also acquired the knowledge on how to disconnect the cameras from the power source.

2. Your privacy can be compromised

Security cameras in the office areas compromise the privacy of the staff. It makes some employees feel that the employer doesn’t trust them. Nevertheless, prevention is still always better than cure. Thus, having a security camera placed in your business to deter any criminal acts.

3. Price

Again, due to the advancement in technology, security cameras have a lot of improvements now but the cost of these has also become more expensive.

Surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras or known as automatic number plate recognition system works on an IP network that links the camera from a remote area and transfers the video to the security area. This allows for a longer recording time, which is perfect for surveillance activities.

Compared to security cameras who’s aim is to deter criminals, surveillance camera aims to catch a targeted individual for certain acts. Thus, this is typically used by police officers to catch a criminal.

What advantages does this deliver? 

1. It reduces the crime rate in public areas.

Criminals will less likely to do a crime where they see cameras, even in public places. This reduces the crime rate in areas where there is a high number of criminal acts.

2. It allows for easy monitoring from afar.

You can easily monitor areas wherever you are. You can see the feed from the camera through the internet or your mobile device, as long as there’s an internet connection.

3. It helps improve the public’s safety

Public safety is improved at public places such as street crossings, malls, and parking areas. With the help of surveillance cameras, criminals are deterred and prevented while safety is increased.

Consequences of surveillance cameras

You should know that ordinary citizens are not allowed to easily install surveillance cameras. This requires a certain permit from the government and a justifiable reason why this has to be installed in your private property or business.

Why? This is because it is:

1. Complex

People who are not tech-savvy can get lost in using surveillance cameras. You need to learn how it works to use its full potential.

2. Easy to abuse

Surveillance cameras placed in public areas are prone to abuse and misuse. Someone can collect the data from it and use it to blackmail another person.

3. Costly installation

To use surveillance cameras, you’ll need to purchase differently the system accessories. Which is by the way costly. Repairs can be expensive too.

Both cameras are used for protecting certain areas where it is located but they differ in application. Nonetheless, using them both accurately can increase the security level of an area. May it be public safety or home safety. Make sure that you choose a reliable security company to provide you either of the two.

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