In 2022, VIKYLIN has been established for six years. Through the continuous efforts of VIKYLIN product department and R&D team, we released the first set of VIKYLIN poe security camera kit in January this year.

This camera system was the top performer in our test of PoE cameras. It can be the best choice between you and other big brand cameras. Cameras that stand out in functionality, cost, value and ease of installation. So if you want to learn more about our best PoE cameras, keep reading. We’ll highlight its benefits, great features, and how to use it below.

VIKYLIN takes smart security to the next level with unrivaled acme color night vision. Say goodbye to boring B&W or blurry color night vision captured by traditional cameras. Instead, you can paint dark night into 4MP colorful world even in 0.001 lux conditions without ambient lighting.

VK608Q047-4 Outstanding Features

High-end security camera kits comes with 4MP HD colorVu Full color technology security cameras

High definition image sensor, excellent low-light performance.

30m night vision protects your property 24/7

Ultra-Wide field of view captures the entire scene for superior coverage, 121-degree viewing angle.

IP67 waterproof – suitable for indoor and outdoor usage

Access your system remotely thanks to APP support

Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options

UL compliant cable suitable for surface and in-wall installation,5*100ft utp cat5e Network Cable

2 TB NVR 8 channel PoE network interfaces are provided,Up to 8 IP cameras can be connected

H.265 video compression to maximize video storage

vikylin full color night vision

Excellent Video Quality

One thing that stands out is the video quality of the VIKYLIN 4MP PoE camera system. It uses the most amazing image sensor, with 1/2.7 inch CMOS, the NVR camera can produce clear and detailed high-definition pictures at any time of the day. Ultra-low illumination, clear images and high brightness. It’s not the only 4MP PoE camera we’ve tested, but it has just the right mix of tech that makes it stand out. It automatically switches between daytime video, infrared night vision, and color night vision depending on lighting conditions. It is able to scale up without losing quality. Of course, the 4MP resolution makes its video almost stunning. But if there’s one thing that could be improved, it’s the viewing angle. With a 121-degree field of view, the VIKYLIN camera falls short of our expectations. However, considering the cameras we installed in the lounge were still able to monitor the entire area, that’s still pretty good.

DIY Installation, Professional Grade System

The VIKYLIN 4MP PoE Camera System is a professional grade system capable of protecting large homes and commercial establishments. However, when we tested it, the setup process was as simple as any other residential PoE system we’ve installed. Thanks to the 100-foot ethernet cable included with each of the four cameras, we were able to easily run the cable through the office ceiling, and each camera comes with a mounting kit. The NVR comes with an identical 6.7ft cable, once we decided where to place the cameras, we used the longer 100ft cable to connect them to the NVR and the shorter cable to connect the NVR to our router.

Motion Detection

The VIKLIN 4MP PoE system is a person detection system. With person detection, the camera will alert us if someone is in sight. In particular, the one we placed above the front door of our apartment helped us understand if anyone was at our door. Our cameras can be viewed via the VKLOOK mobile app, PC client and web app.

Plug and Play

VIKYLIN 4MP PoE camera system is truly plug and play. We plugged in the NVR and connected to our router, then used the included ethernet cable to connect and power the camera. Each cable is 30 meters (about 100 feet) long, which is more than enough even for the cameras we place outside. And because they’re IP 67 rated — meaning they’re waterproof and dustproof — we don’t have to worry about putting them in the sun or rain. We just made sure to use the included waterproof cover to protect the portion of the cable that plugs into the camera.

Smart Video Compression

The NVR that comes with the VIKYLIN 4MP PoE system is the VK608Q, which is a very flexible NVR. 4MP video can take up a lot of storage space, but thanks to the smart video compression of the VIKYLIN 4MP PoE camera, we were able to maximize the NVR’s 2 TB storage space. The camera uses H.265 compression instead of the usual H.264. According to VIKYLIN, it can reduce the size of video files by up to 50%. We have no way of knowing for sure, but considering it took all four cameras over a week to fill up the 2TB NVR, that seems to be the case. Most other quad-camera 4MP systems we tested devoured 2 TB in only about four to five days. On top of that, VIKYLIN uses HEVC encoding, which stands for High Efficiency Video Compression. HEVC encoding further helps compress the size of the video without compromising 4MP video quality. Another great thing about the NVR is that it supports up to 8 cameras, making it ideal for large homes or businesses. So many cameras are redundant for our mid-sized apartment, but it’s good to know we can add more if needed.

Local and Remote Video Streaming and Playback

The NVR is also capable of outputting video to a TV or monitor that supports HDMI or VGA input. We hooked it up to our bedroom TV via HDMI so we could just turn on the TV and select HDMI as the video source and be able to view content without getting out of bed. But even when we’re not at home, we can still watch our cameras through the VKLOOK mobile app, PC client and web app. They have software for Android and iOS mobile devices, Windows and Mac computers, and Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.