1: Check whether the power supply of the ip camera surveillance is work normally
(whether the ipc fill light is on in a dark environment, and whether the connected NVR or switch network port light is on)

2: Check whether the connection method is correct
(directly connected to the computer or through a router or switch)

3: Whether the IP address can be searched through the corresponding search tool
(ajdevtools, SADP, ConfigTool)

4: Check whether the computer IP and the camera IP are in the same network segment
(add a network segment to the computer, or modify the camera IP address so that the computer and the ipc are in the same network segment)

5: Use the ping command to see if the camera IP address has a stable data stream.
(WIN+R, enter CMD and press Enter, enter Ping+space+IP)

6: If it can be pinged, it means that the ipcameras is supplying power to the network normally. You can use the search tool to search for the ipc or you can access the camera through the browser web side
(if it cannot be accessed, you can try several more browsers)

7: If ping fails or cannot be searched, change the computer and repeat the above operation through direct connection
(a charger is required to power the ipc separately)

8: If it still doesn’t work after the above operations, it is recommended to send ip network cameras for repair.

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