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Wired And Wireless Security Cameras Which Is Right For You?

VIKYLIN has been in the surveillance cameras industry for more than a decade, now let’s give you a brief introduction to the difference between wired and wireless cameras.

Wired Security Cameras

This kind of ip cameras generally cannot be used alone and needs to be equipped with other equipment to be used. In some small zones, switches, network cables, and video recorders can generally be used to achieve stable operation. But if it is to be applied to some relatively large occasions, a lot of supporting equipment is needed, such as matrices, splicing screens, optical switches, etc.

Wireless Security Cameras

How do you understand this? Some people say that wireless means that the camera no need toconnect by a external network cable. In fact, that’s pretty much it. But the prerequisite is to connect the power cord to power the surveillance camera, and then connect to the wireless network after the device is powered on, so that it can be viewed normally, and this type of security cameras generally has built-in card storage or cloud storage. It does not require equipment such as nvr and switches. Generally speaking, the price will be relatively cheaper. Wifi solar powered security camera is also a wireless camera.

Strengths And Weaknesses Between PoE Wired Security Cameras and Wireless IP Cameras?

Wired poe camera is more stable, and the image storage time is longer. You can watch real-time images on a phone, computer or large monitor, and recall and playback fast-forward for better operation. But the cost is relatively high, and the construction is relatively difficult…..generally requires people with certain hands-on ability.

Wireless security camera installation is simpler and cheaper. The general home security cameras can achieve remote viewing, two-way audio, 360 degree rotation. they are very easy to get started, convenient installation, and not expensive, so nearly two years of rapid development. Generally wireless cameras are used in family, shops and other small area occasions, but their disadvantage is also more obvious. if the cloud storage service is turned on, there is an additional cost, can not connect to the monitor in real-time viewing, only on the phone or computer to view images and playback, and the storage time is short.

At present, the price of this type of camera on the Internet is very confusing. Sometimes cameras of the same type may differ greatly, and the difference in clarity and functional experience is obvious, so everyone should pay more attention when choosing.