The VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS is a 4mp outdoor camera that can be powered using PoE and it’s available in three different shapes; it is bullet-shaped. VD-2FR41-ZS cameras are rugged enough to survive the outdoors conditions (the IP67 certification).

Furthermore, VIKYLIN has made sure that during the day, you can get a detailed view of its surroundings and, for the night vision, it made use of the amazing technology to ensure that the darker areas are lighten up. This means that there is no way to hide from this camera even if it’s very dark outside.

Besides the improved night vision, VD-2FR41-ZS supports the H.265+ video format which is great for keeping the files smaller, but without affecting the video quality. Of course, the support for RTSP and ONVIF are also present on the VD-2FR41-ZS, so you should have no trouble integrating the camera with most third-party software and NVRs. That being said, let’s check out the VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS a bit more in detail and see if it’s suitable for ensuring the safety of your home.

Design and Build Quality

After I took the bullet-shaped VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS from the package, I immediately noticed that it looked very similar to the DUHUA IPC-HFW2431R-ZS-IRE6, at a closer inspection, they do indeed look almost identical. Yes, his design or function is almost the same as that of Dahua. The only difference is that this camera has a different logo on the box, and there is basically no difference in firmware and functions.

Installation and Setup

The VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS does not support a WiFi connection, so you have to directly attach it to your router and this can be done in two ways. Either get a power adapter and an Ethernet cable, and connect the camera to the router and a wall socket or use a single Ethernet cable and a PoE switch or PoE adapter to power on the VD-2FR41-ZS. Since I don’t like too many cables outdoors, especially power cables, I preferred using PoE, so I connected the VD-2FR41-ZS to a DT608X-V2/P8.

Afterwards, I opened the gdmss app and then I tapped on the Plus sign to add the VD-2FR41-ZS – there are two options to do so, either by scanning a QR code or by manually inserting the serial number. Since the VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS doesn’t have a QR code, I used the latter option and, after selecting the device type (wired camera), it required a Device Password to activate the VD-2FR41-ZS. Moving forward, I set a Verification Code, so that the videos are automatically encrypted (don’t lose this code) and I got the Adding completed message.

The Image Quality

After I set the camera to film at the 2592 × 1944p resolution, I headed out and positioned the camera in a way to capture the surroundings of my location. As you can see from the video, the VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS did really well during the day and yes, the increased resolution does make a difference.Furthermore, pointing from 197 feet to up to 250-300 feet, it will still show a high amount of detail, with little to no noise.

The sun was shining from the left side, but the camera handled the powerful ‘Mediterranean sun’ without problems. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the viewing angle is just as wide as some other cameras from competition, reaching up to 104 degrees. Most cameras will perform well during the day, but the security cameras will show their value during the night and the VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS offers a fair performance. Since it has only four IR LEDs, you should not have light source pointed towards the camera since the light will be blown out, hiding important details from the footage.

The light pole placed in front of my house will have less of an impact on the footage. If you don’t have large billboards or light poles shining directly into the camera, you should do fine. It’s worth noting that the advertised distance is 197 feet, but, even at 200+ feet (as seen in the images), you’ll still see if there’s a person attempting to trespass onto your property.

The Conclusion

There aren’t that many 4mp security cameras available on the market, not at an accessible price point, but I did notice that a few manufacturers have started increasing the amount of pixels on their cameras, while keeping the cost accessible to most people. The VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS is one of these cameras which offers an incredible amount of detail both during the day and during the night, It support for most third-party software and NVRs (there’s also a way to locally save the videos using a microSD card). Other than that, the VD-2FR41-ZS is perfectly capable of withstanding the outdoor conditions and supports PoE. But, there are a few conditions that need to be met in order to get a perfect view during the night: don’t point light sources at the camera. If this won’t be a problem around your house, then the VIKYLIN VD-2FR41-ZS will perform well and should be a good home security addition.

Or grab a VD-2FR41-ZS and VK608Q047-4 to secure your property now with VIKYLIN.


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