Advantages of Face Temperature Measurement

long-distance human body temperature detection

The face temperature measurement system is equipped with the high sensitivity infrared camera, which can be used for long-distance human body temperature detection, about1.5m~5m.

adopts an integrated structure

Camera + embedded motherboard + black body integrated structure, no need to configure a computer, directly connected face recognition temperature measurement device to the monitor for display and various operations.

thermal imaging technology

Built-in black body, automatic correction, no fear of the influence of environmental temperature changes on thermal imaging;

More Fast and accurate

The face recognition temperature measuring is quick and convenient to start-up, and the forehead temperature measurement algorithm is very accurate and can filter out the effects of background high temperatures.

Supports cloud connection

Face recognition temperature scanner can easily connect to the cloud for data analysis.


To sum up, the face recognition temperature measurement terminal has many advantages such as efficiency, accuracy, convenience, and intelligence. It is suitable for various scenarios that require long-distance, fast, and accurate temperature measurement, such as public places, medical institutions, and factories….