What Is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a method of using an Ethernet cable to power a camera, and it also provides the camera with direct network access. In addition to providing a stable network connection, PoE also simplifies installation with just one cable.

How Power over Ethernet Works?

PoE provides power and network connectivity using a single network cable, including Cat-5, Cat-5e, or Cat-6. IP cameras connected for PoE have a special power switch inside that can use power sent over the ethernet cable, while cameras without this switch will only get network connectivity and no power.

If you save video files on an NVR or use newer cloud storage, network connectivity is important to your surveillance system. Unlike wireless connections, PoE ensures that your IP cameras are always connected. This means your camera will be able to reliably send video files to your NVR, and a direct connection can be faster than a wireless connection.

There are two types of PoE, Standard PoE and PoE+. The standard PoE type IEEE 802.3af on most IP cameras can send up to 15 watts of power. That’s not enough power for a PTZ camera for outdoor use or a camera with a fan and heater, but it’s enough to power a basic IP surveillance camera. PoE+, IEEE 802.3at, provides double the power for more powerful cameras at 30 watts and requires a different type of switch than standard PoE.

If you don’t want to replace your old camera, but do want the benefits of PoE, you can use a PoE splitter to convert the camera’s power and data supplies. Most routers have a small number of ports, so if you need to connect a large number of cameras to the system or connect other devices, you may need a PoE switch. If your switch can’t handle PoE, a PoE midspan can inject power into existing network cables.

If your camera uses PoE+, you will need a special PoE+ midspan or switch to provide enough power to your camera.

How Power over Ethernet can help you?

A PoE camera simplifies installation with just one cable, this gives you more flexibility in positioning the camera and avoids moving or installing electrical outlets near the camera for expensive electrical work.

PoE cameras are available for a variety of camera types, including dome, fixed, HD, and more. Using your PoE camera:

  • Monitoring of industrial sites, including warehouses and construction sites
  • Keep in touch with your home, apartment complex or rental property
  • Observe shopping habits, manage wait times, and prevent retail store theft
  • Keep a close eye on your business or office

All major surveillance camera brands including Axis, Optica and Mobotix offer PoE cameras.

If you can’t add balanced lighting or move the camera, a professional-grade camera with WDR may be right for you. All major surveillance camera brands including AxisReolink and Vikylin offer WDR cameras.

Why Cooperate with VIKYLIN Security?

With a team of knowledgeable sales and technical support representatives, VIKYLIN security can help you learn more about cameras with WDR and determine if they are the best cameras for your surveillance needs.

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