What Makes A Full-time Color Camera?

Can a traditional camera add several supplementary lights be called full-time color camera?

Now together to take a look at VIKYLIN colorvu cameras!

Friendiy Lighting

The supplementary light is a certain extent but we don’t rely solely on the light emitted from the camera.

VIKYLIN ColorVu camera’s superior imaging with a more balanced picture, richer colors, and an overall rendering that’s much more realistic. This is because our ColorVu security cameras are equipped with a warm, organic supplementary light instead of a strong, stark white light.

Conventional white supplementary light is unable to recreate natural-looking night vision. It actually introduces troublesome light pollution, with negative affects extending to pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

F1.0 Aperture

How does VIKYLIN ColorVu ip camera present a better image than conventional cameras?

Before answering this question,let’s do a test. Let’s remove the help of the supplementary light and study the results.

Technically speaking, in order to achieve better night vision, the first step is to ensure as much effective light as possible, and a larger aperture is indispensable.

VIKYLIN ColorVu surveillance camera uses a super-large aperture F1.0 delivering more than two and a half times the amount of light as a conventional F1.6 camera.

High Quality Sensor

In addition to the effects of supplementary light and the large aperture, high-quality sensors also affect the imaging results.

VIKYLIN ColorVu high-quality sensor does a much better job rendering organic-looking light and color at night, reducing the dependence on additional, pollution-generating light.

Now let’s see the VIKYLIN smart ColorVu camera in real-world settings

Note: All tests above were conducted with cameras at default settings and in the same environments

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