Why Is POE Home Security Camera System So Important To Have?

Home security has always been a hot topic, especially as crime rates rise, many homeowners become increasingly concerned about the safety of their families and property. Therefore, choosing a smart POE home security camera system has become a top priority. VIKYLIN, as a professional security cameras supplier, we can provide you with a full range of home security products.


intelligent security systems with Powerful Features

The VIKYLIN intelligent security systems uses state-of-the-art high-definition imaging technology to provide ultra clear and detailed images day or night. Not only that, our full-color night vision security camera system allows you to clearly see every detail in your home even in low-light conditions. The equipped PTZ (PTZ/Tilt/Zoom) function allows you to monitor every corner of your home in an all-round way, and adjust the monitoring range through remote control.

Real-time remote monitoring to protect your home anytime, anywhere

Our 4k camera security system features real-time remote monitoring, allowing you to view your home anytime, anywhere on your device via our mobile app. Whether you’re in the office, on vacation, or on a business trip, you can get real-time visibility into your home’s security status with just one touch. This is very convenient for homeowners who are often away from home or traveling for business. What’s even more reassuring is that our video surveillance system supports multiple users to watch online at the same time, so you and your family can easily get the real-time picture at home.

Motion detection and instant notification, detect abnormalities immediately

In addition to real-time remote monitoring, our POE home security camera system always features smart motion detection and instant notifications. When the sensor detects abnormal activity, the surveillance video systems will immediately send a pop-up notification to your phone, allowing you to learn about abnormalities in your home as soon as possible and take appropriate action. In addition, intelligent algorithms can effectively distinguish between human activities and other dynamics, reducing the occurrence of false alarms.

Cooperate with industry-leading security Cameras manufacturers Hikvision and Dahua Technology

In order to provide the best products and services, we cooperate with leading domestic security equipment suppliers, such as Hikvision and Dahua Technology. This allows us to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation, providing our customers with the latest and highest quality security camera products. From hardware to software, VIKYLIN continue to introduce new technologies and continuously improve product performance to meet the changing needs of users.

Comprehensive after-sales service

Some security cameras manufacturers may not be satisfactory in terms of after-sales service, which brings unnecessary trouble and dissatisfaction to many customers. VIKYLIN is well aware of its importance, so it has established a complete pre-sales consultation and after-sales service system. We not only focus on product quality, but also focus on establishing lasting cooperative relationships with customers. No matter you encounter any problems during use our products, our professional technical team will respond promptly and provide solutions. Whether it is security camera installation guidance, troubleshooting or technical consultation, we will do our best to provide you with satisfactory solutions.

VIKYLIN Security is always committed to providing customers with the best POE home security camera system. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

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