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4MP IP Camera

4MP IP Camera covers all HD network cameras with full resolution and functions, with hemispherical camera and bullet head camera appearance. 4mp Ip Camera has fixed focus, manual focus and electric zoom lens angle, all standard onvif protocol, and can dock with third-party NVR video recorder supporting onvif protocol to realize video preview, recording, playback, etc. 2K resolution video clarity: 4MP IP Cameras leave no doubt. 4MP IP Camera offer twice the resolution of 1080p and will add a higher level of detail and clarity to your security footage. The higher resolution also provides you with the ability to digitally zoom in on distant objects without significant degradation of image quality. If you are considering 1080P security cameras, they only provide 25 feet of facial recognition at an 80 degree angle of view in light conditions. Novice users should note that higher resolution video recording requires more hard drive space. For these 4MP IP cameras, we recommend recording them at a bit rate of 8Mbps. We have a variety of 4mp cameras to choose from, including bullet and dome cameras. The 4MP IP cameras are weatherproof, water and dust resistant to IP66 standards and IK10 vandal resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use in any weather without the need for overhead shading. Like all of the network cameras we sell, these 4MP IP cameras can be powered using a PoE network switch, a network camera NVR recorder, or a separate power adapter located next to the camera.

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