The security industry chain is mainly divided into four parts. The upstream are key components, chips and algorithms, mainly including image sensor manufacturers, optical lens manufacturers, chip manufacturers, algorithm companies, etc. 

Among them, chips are industry barriers for major industry research reports and are mostly monopolized by foreign manufacturers; the midstream is mainly security equipment manufacturers , Responsible for matching upstream components and downstream needs, providing overall products and solutions. 

With the development of industrial scale, some large-scale manufacturers in the midstream are gradually involved in downstream integration, sales, engineering, and operation businesses, forming leading manufacturers with advantages in the entire industry chain or tail industry chain; the downstream is mainly with project resources and relatively high technical barriers. 

Low sales channel providers, project integrators, engineering construction service providers, and operation service providers are responsible for the sales of security products and the overall project integration and operation; the terminal application field has landed in the government, specific industries and households, and has entered the national security era.