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John Doe

A technician with extensive experience in the security industry.


Outdoor 40X Zoom Security Camera That Won’t Blur

When our factory launched the latest 40x zoom security camera, I initially thought it would not be much different from traditional surveillance cameras. but after testing it myself, I found that its functions are indeed a bit powerful.

UltraHD Clear Imaging

Equipped with a cutting-edge STARVIS CMOS sensor and 4K super high-definition resolution, this 4k ptz camera demands attention.

No More Blurry When Zoom

One standout feature is the camera’s optical zoom capability of up to 40x. What’s unbelievable is that, even at maximum zoom in, the image quality remains intact.

Intelligent Motion Detection

This outdoor 4k camera comes with intelligent motion detection that can distinguish between people, vehicles, and general motion. So you don’t have to worry about getting annoying alerts about irrelevant things anymore.

Effortless Playback

Are you trying to find something in the footage or looking directly at a certain clip? The VIKYLIN technical team is well aware that many users have this need, so we have made an overall update to the event playback technology. Now it’s like a quick video search tool – convenient, right?

High Compatibility

If I guess correctly, you must also be very worried that the security camera installation will be troublesome and the configuration will be complicated, right? But don’t worry, VIKYLIN cameras work well with Hikvision and RTMP and can be easily integrated into your current system, and it comes with Power over Ethernet (PoE), just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

The function of this 40x zoom ptz camera is so powerful that I can’t even believe what disruptive functions will appear in future surveillance, but I guess there is a high probability that security guards will lose their jobs….