Unrivaled Imaging Sensors

VIKYLIN has always believed that a good ip camera can impress customers. Our technical team attaches great importance to the use and quality of image sensors. The VIKYLIN 2MP, 5MP, 6MP and 4K security cameras received by our customers are the best imaging sensors that have been debugged hundreds of times by factory professional engineers, making the surveillance camera and lens the most vivid and clear picture effect.


One of the essential features for security cameras is the imaging ability that delivers clear images in dark locations. Sony’s image sensors with STARVIS technology have the sensitivity well above that of the human eye. They deliver excellent performance in the low- illumination monitoringas they not only capture the targets in dark places, but even visualize their textures clearly.

Both STARVIS are back-illuminated pixel technology specifically developed for CMOS image sensors for security camera applications. It feature a minimum sensitivity of 2,000 mV/μm2 (color product, when imaging with a light source of 706 cd/m2, F5.6 in 1s accumulation equivalent) and deliver high image quality in the visible light as well as near infrared light regions.

Unparalleled Sony STARVIS Technology Pros

STARVIS is a back-illuminated pixel technology adopted in the CMOS imaging sensors of VIKYLIN security camera and 4k cameras systems.

The splendid STARVIS tech brings invincible advantages for VIKYLIN solutions, compared with other security solutions with normal sensors.

Outstanding Visibility Under Starlight

  • High-and low-light performance
  • Provides the sensitivity per 1 µm2 pixel size 2000+ mV
  • Rich & Vivid Colors
  • Deliver colorful & crystal images in low-light conditions
  • Reduced noise
  • Eliminate the noise for top-level day & night image clarity

Security Solution With Sony STARVIS Sensor

VIKYLIN security solutions with STARVIS sensors provide first-class images even in total darkness of 0.0001 lux. Get unparalleled image clarity than other 4K/5MP/4MP security cameras with traditional sensors.

In the invisible night, the Vikylin camera can also capture the clear picture like the daytime. Traditional infrared night vision security cameras can only provide blurred images under the same lighting conditions.

With the help of STARVIS sensors, VIKYLIN solutions can provide clearer images and richer details. Enlarge the image without sacrificing image quality.

OmniVision Image Sensors

OmniVision developed its PureCel and PureCel Plus image sensor technology to provide added camera functionality to smartphones and action cameras. The technical goal was to provide smaller camera modules that enable larger optical formats and offer improved image quality, especially in low-light conditions.

OmniVision PureCel® Flagship Pixel Tech Benefits

In low-light conditions, PureCel®Plus pixel technology picks up more light than previous generations by significantly enhancing sensor sensitivity and full-well capacity, which boosts low-light performance with lower SNR10 and higher dynamic range. Reducing color crosstalk further improves color reproduction.