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PoE IP Cameras Installation Experience Summary

Many friends have asked many questions about ip security camera. In order to facilitate everyone to solve some common problems in the actual installation of poe ip cameras, we have summarized the knowledge of monitoring installation so that everyone can master it at any time.


Question 1: How High Should The IP Video Camera be Installed?

When I communicate with customers, I often recommend that the customer should not be less than 2.5 meters indoors and 3.5 meters outdoors. Although these numbers are simple, they take into account the indoor height and the angle of the lens downward pressure, as well as outdoor installation. The length of irradiation and factors to prevent vandalism.

Question 2: Suggestions for Security Camera Bracket Installation?

When installing poe cameras, there are two options: wall mounting and ceiling mounting. There are more ceiling mounts in indoor environments such as supermarkets, and wall mounting is generally chosen outdoors. Generally, lighter machines can use ordinary brackets, but when using heavier machines, it is recommended that customers use larger load-bearing brackets. We must consider the load-bearing of the camera to prevent the camera from tilting or falling over time.

Question 3: What Kind of Appearance Should I Choose for Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Different devices should be selected in different environments. For example, in indoor coffee shops, boutiques, hotels and other well-decorated environments, dome ip cameras should be considered for aesthetic reasons, so that they look more beautiful. For warehouses and some outdoor environments, of course, the bullet ip cameras can highlight their powerful defensive functions, and can ensure their normal function in windy or rainy days. .

Question 4: The Reference Suggestions for Video Camera Illumination Angle?

After the camera outputs the image, pay attention to the illumination angle of the machine. After installation, some customers look fine during the day, but at night the picture will be dark, half white and half black, bright in the middle and black all around, etc. These are all related to the angle. We must avoid raising the lens too high during installation. Too high. For wall-mounted machines, no more than 1/4 of the white wall should appear in the screen. The lens selection should be appropriate (for example, 3.6mm and 4mm illuminate 6-8 meters, 6mm is suitable for 12-14 meters, and 8mm is suitable for 20 meters). -30 meters distance), if you really can’t remember how to choose a lens, here is a simple method to teach you: multiply the number of millimeters of the lens by 2 to choose, and then analyze it based on specific environmental issues. If the front-end part is done this way, the effect will generally be good.

If you do not consider the avoidance of obstacles in front and the selection of installation angles, many screen display problems will occur, causing the picture quality to fluctuate between good and bad.

Question 5: Many Installed Cameras Are Disconnected. How To Troubleshoot?

If you have installed a lot of poe ip camera, once something goes offline, first check to see if only one camera is disconnected, or if some of the machines are disconnected, or if several on a certain switch are disconnected.. If you find that a certain camera is frequently disconnected, there may be a problem with the machine. Consider upgrading or trying to restore the system.

If your surveillance ip camera goes offline from time to time and at random points, it is most likely caused by insufficient resources on your switch. In this case, the best solution is to replace it with a switch with a larger capacity.