Many times, some friends in the security industry often ask our technical colleagues, how can we better find the ip camera fault point during the maintenance of the poe surveillance system? Can troubleshooting be done more quickly and effectively? Today we will describe step by step the steps and methods for troubleshooting and maintenance in the video security systems.


1. Backend settings

Check whether the ipcamera can be searched by the nvr recorder, whether the IP address has been changed, and re-search and add it.

2. Observation method

When we find that a certain ip poe camera cannot be displayed properly, we must first observe the power supply method of the camera (centralized power supply, independent power supply, PoE power supply)

  • Centralized power supply: Observe whether the back-end centralized power supply is intact by checking whether the lights on the power supply are working normally and whether other cameras connected to it are working properly.
  • Independent power supply: Observe whether the front-end independent power supply is working properly.
  • PoE power supply: Check whether the network port light of the back-end POE switch connected to the network camera network cable is working normally.

3. Inspection method

This method is mainly suitable for independently powered cameras. You need to use some tools to check whether the power supply voltage at the independent power supply can reach 220V. If it is a centralized power supply, check whether the front-end voltage can reach the corresponding voltage and current of the camera.

4. Replacement method

The substitution method mainly includes the following situations:
  • If all the equipment in the above situation are running normally, replace a camera to see if it can work normally, or replace the camera to another normally working point to see the situation;
  • For independent power supply, if the current and voltage of the front-end power line can meet the requirements, but the power supply does not work normally, you need to replace a power supply and try;
  • For PoE power supply, if the back-end network port light does not work properly, the front-end camera and back-end POE power supply switch need to be replaced for inspection;
  • For centralized power supply, the main task is to replace and inspect the back-end centralized power supply and front-end cameras;

5. Line inspection

If the above method still does not work, you need to check the entire circuit. You can use breakpoint detection and replacement of circuits for repair.

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