Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Terminal Complete Easy Setup & Download

Temperature panel with facial recognition

It can be widely used to control entrances and exits or areas such as passages, gates, and turnstiles.

Product model: VK-12S-PRO

Key features

Face recognition

Temperature measuring

Mask wear identification

Access control

Work Attendance

Platform integration

Wireless Access Control

Product Description

Supported by powerful computing power and face recognition algorithms, it also integrates a large-resolution thermal imaging module and an AI face recognition system. The face recognition panel machine can recognize and alert people without masks and abnormal body temperature. Improve the efficiency of screening abnormal personnel in public places.

Because of the epidemic. Non-contact temperature measurement is very necessary.

The contactless door opening of the face recognition and temperature measurement access control integrated machine can be used in schools, office buildings, offices, factories, construction sites and other scenes. It can be linked to the access control management system, attendance information system, alarm control system, etc., to achieve the function of contactless student access and attendance.

After collecting faces and the recognition ratios are the same, turn on the access control controller, and personnel entering and exiting can enter and exit without contact through the face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine. The time of entry and exit can be set. After the time is reached, the access controller will automatically lock.

The facial recognition temperature measurement technology terminal can also be equipped with an attendance information system. After the facial image recognition is consistent, the system can automatically attend attendance and display the attendance date and time when the door is opened, which can reduce the management personnel cost for the administrator. Reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Other advantages of face recognition of Vikylin technology non-contact temperature measurement access control system:

The face collection database of the universal face recognition temperature measurement terminal has a large capacity and supports 50,000 faces.

The current Vikylin technology face recognition and temperature measurement access control all-in-one terminal on the market has a fast recognition speed, the recognition work time management is generally ≤0.2 seconds, and the recognition accuracy rate is high, generally ≥99%, so we can really achieve fast traffic.

During the epidemic period, these are all necessary prevention and control measures. The contactless entry and exit of the face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine will become a trend in the future, and the advantages are also obvious.

Product account login instructions

1.This VK-12S-Pro supports Local Client Management Software and Cloud Platform Online Management

①Local Client Management Software

Please install VK-12S-Pro EFaceInstall software first 

Download Link: 

Both the Username and Password are admin;

②Cloud Platform Online Management

First connect the device to your router or switch network via Wifi or network cable,and then log in to the cloud address on your PC browser

The Username is the Device MAC address, the Mac address will be displayed on the back of the VK-12S-Pro device;

Default Password:123456

Note: Please change the default password of the cloud platform in time.

2.The login password for the touch screen of the VK-12S-Pro device is:123456

VK-12S-PRO change Password

1.Open the browser, log in to the cloud address on the back of the device and enter the account and password.

2. Click “Devices -kiosk settings”check device username,and Change password (Six-digit number )and save.

3. Enter the application page, click “SYNCHRONIZATION CONFIGURATION” and restarting the application takes effect.

4. Setting “Face setting” and “Temperature setting” as follows.

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