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Types Of Indoor Security Cameras

With the advancement of science and technology, the application of science and technology in various fields is also constantly improving, and the product replacement cycle is getting shorter and shorter. The classification of surveillance cameras, I roughly sorted out the following today.

According To Imaging Principle and Mode

Divided into two categories, digital mode and analog mode, the latter has been eliminated, mainly because the picture is not clear. And the wiring method is different, and the wire used is also different. The picture below shows the connector of the analog camera, which has become an antique. The security video recorders they configure are also different.

According To The Use Place

The former unit price and requirements are slightly lower than the same type of outdoor bolt models. The reason is simple, there is no need for waterproof and lightning protection. The bolt type is more common, the picture below shows the bolt type:

Professional and Non-professional Use

The traffic control cameras we install on the road and the license plate recognition cameras used for the entrance and exit of the parking lot are all professional-purpose. In general, factories, residential areas or households are used for ordinary non-professional monitoring, and only need to take a clear picture of the face. So their cost is also very different. It is also customized with all-metal explosion-proof cameras used in industrial and mining industries. They are not listed here.

Dynamic and Non-dynamic or Fixed Focus and Zoom

Why should it be divided in this way, because generally a camera that can rotate 360° can generally change the focal length at the same time, that is, its focal length can be enlarged or reduced. Those without the pan/tilt function are generally fixed focal lengths. The former generally appears in the form of a ball machine, and the price is much higher than the latter of the same model.

Shape Appearance

This point is very easy to understand, conch machine, small ball machine, gun machine, mainly these three types and other shapes.